Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Pastel Painting "Showing Off"; FOTM: Tulips Show

I recently just finished a pastel painting called, "Showing Off" in April 2010.

Showing Off, 25" x 19", pastel on charcoal paper

Detail 1 of Showing Off

Detail 2 of Showing Off

Detail 3 of Showing Off

This new painting is based on a macro photo taken last spring (2009) at Central Park Conservatory in New York City. I loved how the inside cup/trumpet was this beautiful and vibrant mixture of reds and oranges on the inside, but the outside a beautiful pale pink and beaming bright yellow. Against the white petals, this flower was quite bold with alot of contrast, a perfect subject to paint. I also loved the perspective of the cup and how it appeared almost three-dimensional, coming out of the paper. The cup/trumpet was sharp and in focus and at an unique angle for the viewer and the background was blurred and a bit hazy.

This flower's botanical name is called Narcissus which to some represents vanity. According to greek mythology, this flower is based off of a greek youth named Narcissus, who became so obsessed with his reflection that he would stare at himself in the pool of water. Doing this so often that he fell in and drowned. I felt that this vanity is a bit evident in my painting and how the daffodil flower presents itself, as showing off its beauty. Daffodils are quite beautiful and frilly, but actually, some parts of this flower are poisonous.

"The Tulip" and "A Moment At Central Park" in EBSQart's Flower of the Month: Tulip '10 Show Flower of the Month is Tulips. You can view their show online, which I have entered two pieces in and even vote for my artwork by going to the website.

I have two pieces up for voting:
"A Moment At Central Park", 48" x 36", oil on canvas, Melissa Tobia

"The Tulip", 11" x 14", pastel on charcoal paper, Melissa Tobia

Please visit the ebsqart's EBSQart's Flower of the Month: Tulips '10 exhibit and vote for the winner by registering for free by visiting the links above. Voting begins May 1, 2010.

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