Saturday, May 9, 2009

New Watercolor Completed, "White Maroon Zinnia"

I recently completed a new watercolor painting of a flower in the zinnia family, as far as I know, is known as a White Maroon Zinnia.

White Maroon Zinnia, 23" x 20", watercolor on paper

Detail 1 of White Maroon Zinnia

Detail 2 of White Maroon Zinnia

Detail 3 of White Maroon Zinnia

I painted this with the intention of a macro view of a beautiful and vibrant zinnia that I saw in my neighborhood. I thought the colors very interesting and had good contrast and the composition had some great shadows. It is hard to say what exactly the color of the petals were, but if I had to estimate I would guess that they were in the magenta family with some maroon tones. I thought the inside of the flower was also interesting because it seems to have little yellow baby flower petals. Imagine... a flower inside of a flower!

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